Vacation’s over tomorrow. I’ve gotten used to sleeping in the last week. I’m glad to be getting back to work, but this week hasn’t been very relaxing. Going to the Dells was a nice getaway but taking the boys (especially Kent) away from home can be a bit taxing. Anyway, I got a ton of work done. I finished shoveling the dirt in my driveway onto the appropriate places on the lawn, seeded and then fertilized it. It’s a good feeling, though a bit exhausting.

But then there are the rewards of work. I had seeded the backyard about a week or so ago and today I saw new grass beginning to grow. I was so excited that I keep coming back to check it every couple of hours. Hopefully my time away from the office will help me recoup and bring “new growth” to the ministry. Either way, I gotta get used to getting up early again.

Author: erik

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