I had a strange experience today. Actually, it’s sad that I qualify it as “strange”.

The other day I had a semi-load of dirt brought to my house, which translates to 20 cubic yards. Here’s a picture of what it looked like on the driveway.

I spent all of my day off shoveling it into a wheelbarrow and hauling it to the backyard. Our backyard needs serious help.

I’m basically just filling in low spots (which are everywhere) and covering rocks (which are everywhere). It’s been a mess since we moved in. This is the current status of the driveway.

And this is one area of the backyard by our deck after the dirt.

Here’s the strange thing. This afternoon I just finish unloading my wheelbarrow when the next door neighbor comes around the corner of the house and asks if he can help me with anything. This is odd because this is the son of my neighbor who I’ve never met before. By his own admission, he avoids the house whenever he gets the chance. I think I’ve seen him only a couple of times and today he walks into my yard with a shovel and starts to help me.

After and hour or two, he has to go to get ready for work. I thank him and he leaves. Then our neighbor behind the house comes over with his two sons. The older son who is only a couple years older than Parker asks if he can see our dirt pile. We go to the front and the dad disappears. The next thing I know, he returns with a wheelbarrow and shovel of his own. After another hour or so of work, he and the boys return home for dinner.

As I am cleaning up the tools, my new neighbor (moved in a month or so ago) drives his riding lawnmower over and asks if he can mow my lawn. What? I told him it wasn’t necessary, but he insists and he proceeds to zip around the lawn and finishes in a matter of minutes.

I’m appreciative of my neighbors and I know that they didn’t offer their help for favors, but it challenges me to be a better neighbor to them.

Author: Erik

Erik lives in Bethalto, IL were he serves as the Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Church. He and his wife, Bethany, have two boys (Parker and Kent). He's an Apple fan and all around techie who loves Angry Birds and Words With Friends.

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  1. ahh… I think I may move to Frankfort. It seems people are pretty nice around there.

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