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I’m back from camp and I must say, I now know why I’m a Youth Pastor. I can’t really complain because my room of boys was pretty good, and I only had six instead of the usual nine. Either way, I answered the same questions hundreds, if not thousands of times. It’s amazing to me how the kids in my room would ask me about the schedule over and over again (what’s next?, what time will it end?, when will we go to the pool?) and then when service goes ONE minute over, they suddenly remember, “Hey we’re supposed to go to the Activities Center now!”

So here are some things I’ve learned.

– In addition to air and water, kids survive on asking questions.
– A group of boys can entertain themselves with a rubber frog for hours.
– 3rd-6th graders shouldn’t be allowed to pour their own juice at mealtimes.
– Pop machines emit a pheromone that will draw unsuspecting boys to it and “steal” their money. Over and over again.
– The phrases, “Take a shower” and “Brush your teeth” are met with blank stares.
– Boys don’t/won’t/can’t respond to the question, “Who’s underwear is on the floor?”

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  1. aren’t you glad you only have to deal with crazy teenagers all the time!! hehe

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  2. Sometimes I shouldn’t be pouring my juice. teehee

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