In my last blog, I gave some thoughts on our need to be quiet and listen to God. Less than 24 hours after I wrote it, the following event occurred.

The other night we put Parker to bed and quickly realized that his stuffed animal, Curious George, was missing. Normally Parker won’t even close his eyes without George, but because he was so tired he fell asleep within minutes. Bethany and I gave the house a quick search, but ended up empty handed. I figured that Parker would sleep through the night, wake up and eventually find where he put him the next day.

Good plan…until about an hour later when Parker woke up and with a groggy voice began to cry out “George? Where are you, George?” I quickly ran up to comfort him because I knew that if he fully woke up, we’d never get him back to bed without that dumb monkey. I gave him “Joe”, another stuffed monkey from his aunt and to my surprise, it satisfied him enough to help him close his eyes and go back to sleep.

As I went downstairs, I couldn’t help but hear my son’s crying out for his monkey. “George?” was ringing in my head.

I started looking.

Bethany had heard Parker’s request and she joined in the hunt, both of us with a renewed sense of purpose. Several minutes later, Bethany pried George out from the bottom of Kent’s toy basket. We both presented the monkey to our groggy son who gratefully accepted his “friend” into his arms.

So, back to the beginning. In my last blog I question whether I have the right to ask for God to fix the situations that I often create. Parker created this situation by being careless with George and not taking care of him. It was his fault, his problem, his loss. Yet as a father, all I wanted to do was help my son and to bring him happiness and contentment so he could have a good night sleep.

There certainly are times when we need to be quiet and listen. But what amazes me is that when we do open up and voice our requests/needs/longings, our Father in heaven responds.

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  1. It’s just like how when we make mistakes and lose things. God always helps us, forgives, and gives us what we’re looking for.

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