I don’t like pets. Bethany and I have both agreed that we will never have a pet in our home. They smell, ruin your furniture and carpet (okay, I’m sure YOURS doesn’t), and you have to take care of them. It’s just a losing situation in my opinion.

Anyway, we went to a “Concert on the Greens” thing here in our town. They had classic cars and the Elvis impersonator was just wrapping up when we arrived. Then we sat around for about a half an hour until a band came up to perform classic rock and roll songs. It was nice and a lot of people showed up.

People AND their dogs. What is it with people and their pets that I don’t understand? There were mangy muts all over the place. At one point, a man brought his two chihuahuas over and sat down behind us and in front of another set of insane animal lovers and their two cocker spaniels. After five minutes of both groups of dogs barking and howling, the man finally got the clue that he should move. Then there was the other “gentleman” who’s voice raised in volume with his consumption of alcohol. Apparently he was walking around with his niece’s puppy. When he returned to his group next to us he announced to them (and everyone else on the east lawn) that this dog was the missing link in his ability to “pick up the ladies”. Amazing. I’m in awe that one rat look-a-like dog would cause any woman to see past (or should I say smell past?) all the booze this guy had inhaled.


I suppose all of this is worth it because just as we were leaving two friendly high school park ranger police busted the loud guy for bringing another case beer in the park. You should’ve seen the look on the guys face…. Oh well, at least he’s got the ladies.

Author: erik

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  1. hah.
    i do NOT like animals.

    my dog is a moron..i rarely even look at it.

    and what is with ‘animal lovers’…why do they always have to have TWO of the same dog?! i don’t get it…there are always two…with matching collars and nasty breath.

    when people bring their dogs through the drive-thru at my work….i am every possible definition of ‘annoyed’ and ‘crabby’ at those moments…..especially when they ask for a cup of whipped cream for their “baby”. a request that has been denied time and time again by yours truly. thanks.
    fun post, i laughed.

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  2. I could probably debate with you that having a dog brings more positve benefits than negatives, but I wont. However, I will say this. I’ve had a dog for about 10 years. Having a dog around the house brings a lot of positive energy in my life. When there’s days my dog isn’t home or at the vet, I have less possitive energy. I didn’t like dogs when I first got one, but eventually I found it to be such a great thing. Perhaps you can just get a well trained dog that wont make messes all over your house. However, it’s not as great when you don’t get to watch the dog grow up. Eh, dogs aren’t as bad as you make them sound. ^____^.

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  3. I know it’s not fact, just an opinion.

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