3 things

1) I went to take pictures and some video with our digital camera tonight. The boys were both jumping on the bed (well, Kent was trying at least). I snagged the camera, ran upstairs, flipped the dial to “video” and was greeted with a flashing red light.

How annoying.

I went online and apparently Energizer NiMH work well for the first couple of months and then all but conk out after that. They never seem to be working when I really want them to.

Oh well.

2) On another note, our vacation is quickly approaching and I’ve got two days in the office to prepare for it. Wish me luck ’cause I’m going to need it.

3) I heard about the following video from the last TWiT podcast. It’s a news story from the Onion. (for all of you gullible people out there: yes, it’s fake)

Author: erik

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