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In our youth service tonight we talked about Accountable Friendships, the second habit in our series (video will be posted in a day or so). This is one of those aspects of the Christian faith that we’ve really messed up in our American culture. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that we’re such a self-centered society. This attitude carries over into our relationships. We begin to believe that our friendships are meant to serve our own needs instead of considering how we can serve the needs of others.

This affects us in two ways:

1) We only seek out friendships that are beneficial to us. We never consider the fact that we are called to serve others and that relationships require sacrifice.

2) We never allow others to question us or call us out on the carpet. I’ve seen too many believers get upset when someone questions their motivations or actions when they are clearly in the wrong. “Don’t judge me” is their war cry. Check out 1 Corinthians 5 (specifically verses 12-13) for the Biblical perspective.

When we humble ourselves and become honest about our struggles, fears and shortcomings, then nothing owns us. There are no secrets. There are no reasons for shame and guilt. All that remains is authentic Christianity: motivated by love and filled with grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Author: erik

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