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I’ve been with US Cellular for four excruciatingly long years. I shouldn’t have resigned with them two years ago when our first contract was up, but they gave me a great offer and a reduced price on my plan.

I had an awful experience with this company. During my first contract we were told that if we wanted to get out of the agreement early, the amount we would have to pay out would begin to diminish starting the second year. So, not being happy with my service, archaic technology and lack of people in the network we tried to get out a couple of months early. That’s when we were told that we had to pay the full rate. What? That’s right, US Cellular decided to change the contract midstream and hope no one noticed. We did. We complained and they came back with an incredible offer. In comparison to what other companies were charging at the time it didn’t make any sense to change, so we signed up for another two years of pain.

Now that we’re at the end of that contract, I still have the same complaints about US Cellular. My plan was not nation-wide, the technology is way behind the curve (my phone, though capable, was not allowed to receive picture messages), customer service is a joke and nobody is in the network. About a year ago I saw a promotion to purchase roaming minutes. Since I was going out of state and I didn’t want to pay regular roaming charges, I went in to buy some. I was quickly informed that because my plan was no longer offered, I would need to change my plan to one that would cost me significantly more money per month. I had been faithfully paying my bill for three years to these people and they wouldn’t allow me to buy 10 measly dollars worth of roaming time? No thanks. There’s much more that I could ramble about, but in the end I’m glad to be done with them.

I just thought I’d share some of my frustrations. Hopefully it will deter someone else from making the same mistake.

All that to say I switched to AT&T. I’ve got the new Razor, but that’s only because I’m too cheap to spend anything on a nicer phone and too smart to buy the overpriced, first generation iPhone (only 8GB, Edge network, are you serious?). It’s an amazing and revolutionary device, but I’ll wait a couple of years.

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