I got home from service tonight to a hyper 3 year old. I was out of town all day Thursday and Bethany went with the boys to her parents house for a cousin’s wedding shower. Today, I was at work all day, so when I got home, Parker was glad to finally see me.

It’s always nice when he runs up to me, jumps into my arms and says, “I miss you, Daddy!” (Tomorrow he won’t even think twice about it.)

Anyway, he wanted me to chase him around the living room. We did this for several minutes and it inevitably turned into, “Let’s fight, Daddy!” This actually means, “throw me around, hit me with pillows and tickle me.” It’s fun until I get tired and try to convince him to stop jumping on me.

Ironically, I can across the following video today on another blog. I’ll have to make one with the boys when Kent gets older. (Don’t worry, it’s all faked…I think.)

Author: erik

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  1. That video is scarie!! but your kids are sooo cute!!

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