Foxkeh banners for Firefox 2I thought I’d make Thursdays my day to rant/inform/complain about technology and security issues. There’s too many people that use technology and have no idea how to protect themselves online or why they should worry about it. So, in an effort to inform, I’ll start adding tips and info about how to be an informed internet user.

First, let’s discuss your web browser. “Browser” refers to the program you use to view the internet. There are currently 4 main browsers that people use. According to my Google Analytics tool, people who view this blog break down into the following:

  1. 74.66% use Internet Explorer (66.51% of them still haven’t updated to version 7!)
  2. 14.04% use Firefox
  3. 5.82% use Opera
  4. 5.48% use Safari

Internet Explorer is built in to Windows, the operating system nearly all PC owners use. Because it comes with your computer, most of you use this browser.

Firefox and Opera are free browsers. They are separate from your operating system and offer more secure web browsing than Internet Explorer.

Safari is the browser made by Apple and is included on all Apple computers. There is a Windows version that was recently release, but I haven’t used it.

Without getting too nerdy, I recommend Firefox (I’ve tried Opera and I just can’t get used to it). The main problem with Internet Explorer is in the way it handles ActiveX content. This allows a someone with malicious code to “hack” your computer by installing a trojan program or collecting personal information without your knowledge. Firefox doesn’t allow ActiveX and therefore avoids this problem. Firefox isn’t unhackable, but it does provide a more secure web browsing experience.

If you are part of the 74% using Internet Explorer, do yourself a favor and download Firefox now. (It’s free, what are you waiting for?)

Firefox can be downloaded here.

Author: erik

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