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I went to a meeting today to vote on a leader for our denomination. It was my first time at General Council, though I’ve been there during Fine Arts. I have to admit, it’s quite funny to walk through the hallways and see thousands of students acting out their dramas and human videos. At one point, an overly-focused Jr. High girl was jumping around acting something out and almost crashed into me as Doug and I hurried through the hall. What part of “Let’s practice in the middle of a busy hallway” ever sounds like a good idea?

Anyway, I’ve been reminded that meetings are boring, but friends can make the time pass quickly. I unexpectedly ran into Brad Keller, a great friend who I worked with during college. We were able to catch up over lunch and throughout the day. I’m grateful for friends like Brad because even though we haven’t spoken in years, we can catch up where we left off.

It was a good day and I’m glad I had the chance to let my voice (vote) be heard. I think our movement has a lot of challenges ahead of it and I’m excited to see where God leads and directs us.

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