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Tonight I had the boys while Bethany helped get some friends on a project they are working on. Whenever Bethany isn’t around, I think Parker and Kent realize they can gang up on me. At one point, I tried to clean up their mess of toys. As I was putting Legos away, Kent was dumping out Matchbox Cars. As I was cleaning up the cars, he was scattering his toys instruments around the room. Eventually we made it through bath time-though Parker almost drowned Kent a couple of times (he doesn’t understand that pushing Kent down in the tub while dumping water over his head isn’t a smart thing).

Since Kent went to bed quickly after the bath, I decided to let Parker have some ice cream. I don’t know why, but I love these moments with my son. I love watching his eyes light up with excitement as I take the ice cream out of the freezer. I love watching his face as he quickly scoops it up to his mouth. It’s like nothing else matters. He’s happy and content.

Of course, this all changes once I try to get him to go to bed, but for that moment I love making him happy and seeing the satisfaction in his face.

(I just need to remember that tomorrow night when he’s shoving Kent in the tub again.)

Oh, and Parker wanted to make a funny face for the camera.

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  1. Parker and Kent are the cutest kids on this earth!!!

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