Yesterday I took some of our students to the outlet malls for a youth event. Somehow my wife convinced me that having a shopping event would be a good idea.

Anyway, on the way to the stores, Samantha, one of our youth leaders, asked if anyone had any candy or gum she could have. It was apparent that Samantha needed a serious sugar rush and was looking for something to satisfy her sweet tooth. Amber quickly announced that she had both and asked whether Samantha preferred gum or candy. “Candy!” was the reply. Without hesitation, Amber reached into her purse and pulled out the candy she was so clearly proud to have.

A Werthers Original.

Samantha’s expectant face turned from excitement, to confusion, to disgust and then to laughter as she declared, “Werthers Original? Are you serious? That’s for old people!”

After a good laugh and Amber’s defense of her “candy”, we decided to call a neutral third party. When I informed Bethany of the type of candy Amber had, she replied, “That’s old people candy!”

Amber, if our opinion and Bethany’s still haven’t swayed you. Then perhaps the following commercial will. (I couldn’t find an English version, but you’ll get the idea.)

Author: erik

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  1. Here is a parody. Keep in mind this is grandparents’ candy. Yikes.

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  2. Werthers Original…..mmmmm…YUM
    huh. Maybe I am old and should hollerin at kids to get off the lawn…
    Qucik note: P Erik I thought what you had to say about accountable friends was quite powerful. there is a difference between “buddies” and true good friends, problem is that a lot of people never realize the diff until it’s too late.
    k, nuff already…One shameless plug for mynewbie blog
    blog and I’m outta here!

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  3. you are such a JERK!! I still love the candy!!

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