Yesterday, Bethany and I took the boys to Target and a quick trip to Best Buy. On the way out of one of the stores, Bethany decided to buy Parker some Skittles from one of the candy machines by the exit. She carried them to the car for him and on the way to the car I turned to Parker and said, “Parker, I love you.” He responded with, “I love you too, Daddy.” It was one of those meaningful moments where my boy was sweet and thoughtful and actually sounded sincere.

When we got to the car, Bethany put the Skittles in the cup holder on Parker’s booster seat. As I strapped him in, I asked him if I could have one. In one fluid motion, Parker looked at me, covered up the cup holder, shook his head and said, “No, Daddy, they’re for Parker!”


I realized earlier today that yesterday’s event is demonstrative of how we sometimes treat God. Not two minutes after Parker declared his love for me, he was telling me that the Skittles I had bought were only for him. We can spend extended periods of time in worship and prayer telling God how much we love Him and then cling to our finances and possessions as though we acquired them through our own abilities.

Maybe when we stop and realize that everything we have comes from Him, we’ll stop saying we love God (when we really are just loving ourselves) and start loving Him with our actions and generosity toward Him.

Author: erik

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