Vacation Day 1 – Welcome to Tennesse

Bethany and I are on vacation this week with our friends, Sam and Jim. Whether we’ll still be friends and the end of the weekend will be largely dependant on how patient we can be and who is the best bare knuckle boxer.

After an early start (6am) we arrived in Pigeon Forge, TN around 5pm Eastern time. We’re staying in a two story log cabin complete with fireplace, pool table and hot tub. We decided to stock up on supplies for our kitchen and went to the local Food City store. This is like a ghetto-fabulous Walts from back home.

Tennessee is a bit different than Chicago. The four of us were carrying on a regular conversation in line at the store when the Chasta (our cashier) called back to us and said, “Hey, there’s no yelling in here.” Yelling? I’m sorry, we call this “talking” in Chicago.

When we actually got to the front of the line, Jim made a funny comment and Chasta asked him if he was drunk. When we told her he hadn’t been drinking, she insinuated that he was probably just high. Not her, she informed us. Apparently she had changed her ways and was now more “Christian” than before. “People think if you have tattoos (she motioned toward her arms) then you aren’t a good person.” I suppose that could be true, but strangely enough, we couldn’t see any markings on her.

We could, however, see her stomach protruding from underneath her untucked and partially unbuttoned shirt.

Welcome to Tennesse.

Author: erik

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