Vacation Day 3 – Hick Shopping

Today was our day for White Water Rafting. I’ve never done this, so I was looking forward to the experience. It was a blast. Nobody fell in, but Bethany was yelled at for not paddling. We went to eat at the Old Mill Restaurant for some good ole’ country cooking. Sam chastised me for calling our waitress by her first name. Sorry, Samantha, I think, “Mary” is better than “Hey, you”.

After dinner we visited a couple of those junky souvenir stores that litter the main road. Seriously, who buys this stuff? I’ve seen better merchandise at the end of the driveways in my neighborhood on garbage day.

One place we went to was a Book outlet store. When we got to the counter to pay, I noticed that they offered discounts for pastors. I asked about it and the cashier was happy to help. Fifteen minutes, two cards (one for me and one for the church), and half a dozen people in line behind me later and I was finally finishing my transaction. As I was leaving she said, now that you have a card, you can use it next time you come! Next time? How often do you think I’m going to drive 9+ hours to go shopping at your hole in the wall, non-chain store?

Author: erik

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