Vacation Day 4 – "That’s what he said."

When you visit another city or state, I think it’s a good idea to try the “local food” or at least visit the popular places in town. This morning we went to Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg. It was mediocre. I mean, it’s a pancake place. How can you mess that up? Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad, I just wasn’t extra excited about my meal. Dinner, on the other hand was amazing. We went to Bull Fish restaurant and I had, I think, the best chicken fingers in my life. It was definitely a worthwhile visit. But I’m skipping ahead.

After breakfast we went to Cade’s Cove. Several people recommended it to us and we thought we’d give it a try. It’s an eleven mile, one way, loop around a cove in the mountains complete with old log cabins and primitive churches. The first half of the visit was good. About halfway around the cove is a 2.5 mile trail that leads to Abram’s Falls. We had heard it was worth visiting so we took the long and vigorous hike. It’s crazy hot right now, so the trip was exhausting and the payoff was a bit of a letdown. Apparently, it’s been a bit dry around here so the waterfall wasn’t flowing in full force. We stayed for about 10 minutes and started our hour long trip back to the car.

The road around the cove is one lane, one way and 20 miles per hour. At one point we were stuck behind two vehicles and the first was going no faster than 10 miles per hour, usually five. I was losing my mind. I’m all for driving and enjoying the scenery, but I could slowly jog faster than these people. On top of that, no one in our car could figure out what in the world was so fascinating to these people that they had to creep along at such a slow pace. Bethany wanted me to honk, but I didn’t want the guy in front of me to think it was directed to him. So I waited. Bethany then said something to the effect of “He’s passive aggressive. At some point he’ll just explode.” I waited some more, thinking that statement was ridiculous. I waited more. Until I got fed up. Then my opportunity came. The gravel shoulder of the road widened for a couple hundred feet and I floored our rental car and swerved to the right. With their car traveling at only 5mph it was a breeze passing the first car and then the lead car with a befuddled couple and children. I was able to swerve back onto the road just as the shoulder tightened up again and escaped a headlong collision into some trees. It was one of my highlights of the trip.

I save the best comment of the day (and probably the trip) for last.

Jim: “That’s what he said.”

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