Vacation Day 5 – A Three Hour Tour

Today was the last day of our vacation. For some reason we were talked into visiting Grotto Falls. It’s only a 1.5 mile hike (compared to the 2.5 one from yesterday). Bad idea. The hike was easier than the one for Abrams Falls, but it was still rough. It was also quite a disappointment. Apparently, the lack of rain in the Pigeon Forge area has caused the water levels to recede quite a bit. The amazing Grotto Falls looked like a trickle.

After the letdown, we hopped in the car for a long trip home. We made great time until Indianapolis, where the weather turned sour and an accident involving a semi truck brought traffic to a crawl.

When we did get home (10 hours later), the day wasn’t done. Bethany and I had to pick up the boys at her parent’s house: a one hour trip each way.

It was worth it though. The boys were both excited to see us and Parker told us the car, “Next time, Parker come on ‘cation’ too.”

It’s good to be home.

Author: erik

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