We have bees in the exterior wall of our garage. We first saw them about a week ago, so I thought it was a recent phenomenon, but I began to have doubts.

I went to Home Depot and bought four cans of Hornet and Wasp spray, thinking that I’d use one or two and have the others left over. I was wrong. I’ve been spraying them all week and they still keep coming back.

Tonight my father-in-law came over and I showed him the visible part of the nest from the inside of the garage (the drywall isn’t completed on this wall). Yesterday I caulked up the hole they were using on the outside. Anyway, he muttered something to the effect of “This isn’t good” when he saw the nest. Being the “go getter” that he is, Vern decided to grab a shovel and try to pull the drywall up off the wall.

This did not make the bees happy.

They began to swarm while Vern sprayed a few with the feeble remains of my last can of Wasp Killer.

Then they swarmed a bit more causing Vern and I to run into the mud room off of the garage. As we gazed in from the doorway at the dozen-plus bees, I suddenly felt something on my hair–one of the bees came in through the door without us noticing. I quickly began to search for something to get it off my head without using my hands because I didn’t want a stinger in my hand. Just as I picked up one of Kent’s sandals I felt a sharp pain on my head.

Too late. I was stung.

Now, I’ve only been stung one other time and that was in 4th or 5th grade. I wasn’t a big deal. I’m not allergic to bee stings either, but all that aside, it’s not a fun experience.

Now I have to figure out how to get rid of a whole nest of bees (I think they are technically Yellow Jackets) without getting stung again. I could wait until winter when they hibernate. But I’d like to use my garage before then.

Hmmm, the joys of home ownership.

Author: erik

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  1. after you give birth without drugs, then I’ll feel sorry for the pain that your bee sting caused you.

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  2. haha Bethany, that was funny!!

    But not as funny as this story!! Im sorry pastor Erik, but this is HILARIOUS!!!

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