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On Thursday, I was sent to Chuck E. Cheese with Parker so that Bethany could have a meeting with the moms of our jr. high girls.

Parker and I had a great time. He even went on two “big” rides that he was always scared of in the past. On the way home, we stopped for ice cream at McDonalds.

Then something strange happened.

For the past two days, Parker has decided that he likes me. He runs up to me and wants to great me when I get home. He tells me he loves me (on his own, without me telling him first) and he asks about me while I’m at work.

I’m struck by how a simple thing like taking my son to play games at Chuck E. Cheese can cause such a turn in his relationship with me. Things were never bad between us, but it’s just been a marked improvement the last two days. I guess I’m just reminded at how important it is make time for my boys. I’ve been so busy and focused on work recently, that by the time I get home, I’m exhausted and worn out to the point that I just want to “veg”.

So thank you, you overpriced mouse with your cardboard-tasting pizza and your cheap games that give out way too few tickets that allow my son to “buy” overpriced cheap toys. Thanks for showing Parker and I a good time.

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