Tonight Bethany and I had some longtime friends over for dinner. It’s been a while since we last got together and it was great being able to sit down and catch up with them. One of the things I appreciate about this friendship is the the candor and openness with which we are able to speak to each other. Tonight we were able to encourage and be encouraged. We were able to laugh at memories and imagine where our future’s might lead. At one point, we got into a theological/moral discussion and the two sides ended up agreeing to disagree.

This friend once said to me, “I’d take a bullet for you.” I’ve never forgotten that because it’s a great description of our friendship. Some friendships (unfortunately) and marked by what can be gained from the relationship. Some people seek status, others want perks (discounts, freebies, etc.) and still others search for acceptance. The “bullet” taking friend doesn’t look to these things, but wants to give and to serve the other person. They will sacrifice for you when others won’t.

I’m grateful for these people because their friendship challenges me to be a better person and I hope that I can same effect on them. These kinds of relationships are rare and I certainly don’t take it for granted.

I think we all need people like this in our lives. People who can be honest with us without watering down what needs to be said. People who care about you for who you are, not for what you can provide for them. People who you can open up to without fear of them abusing that knowledge. People who will “take a bullet” for you without second thought.

I found the following on Youtube. It has little relation to this post.

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