getting better or worse?

Today my devotional reading came from Ezra 10 and Nehemiah 1-2. Both of these passages deal with repentance. In Ezra, the people are repenting for the sin of intermixing with pagans and Nehemiah is repenting for Israel’s sins and for his own sins that caused them to go into captivity.

Forgiveness and restoration have been on my mind recently. I’m not sure why, but it’s a reoccurring theme. I think the remarkable thing about these passages is the immediacy with which the people respond when their sin brought into the light and the fact that these people are willing to “own” their actions.

Our culture teaches us to avoid responsibility and redirect blame onto someone or something else. “I’m sorry, but…” “It’s because of how I was raised…” “Well, if they hadn’t done that…” It’s almost as if people aren’t sorry for what they’ve done, but they’re sorry for getting caught. I don’t think it’s that people honestly think they’re justified in their actions but just that they don’t want to take full responsibility. The problem is, until we take ownership our actions, we’ll never be able to get to the next crucial step in the journey: change.

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