Today is one of those days when I have nothing to write about, but I feel compelled to offer something for the few regular readers I have here. So instead, I’ll provide you with a bulleted list of random facts/statements for your enjoyment.

  • I’m still sick and I have a horrible cough that doesn’t seem to do any good.
  • For the first time since it came out almost a year ago, I saw a Nintendo Wii on a store shelf.
  • I bought the above Wii with the intention of using at the church (I’m no spontaneous buyer).
  • We had a great night of worship and small groups tonight with the youth group.
  • Just when I think things are coming together, they seemingly fall apart.
  • The KidMo curriculum we use in Kid’s Church is actually very funny and I secretly look forward to watching it.
  • I’m slowing getting caught up on my backlog of podcasts (thanks to the stereo with an aux input that Jason found for me).
  • I want to get a new iPod, but I’m too cheap to drop the cash.
  • I bought an AirSoft Gun while on vacation.
  • I used the above item yesterday to scare a rabbit out of my yard.
  • I’m tired.

Author: erik

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  1. the poor bunny, did you actually hit it???
    o and last night was amazing!!

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