"original" flavor

Well, I’m still sick. My voice is practically gone and I have a terrible cough. I’m definitely ready to be healthy again.

Bethany went to Walgreen’s the other day and bought some generic Nyquil. It says “Original Flavor”.

Let’s just say there’s a reason they came up with other flavors. This stuff tastes like antifreeze. In fact, I wouldn’t know the difference if it was. It’s absolutely awful.

So, next time you’re going to pick out a flavor for something, especially medicine, pick up the latest version. It can’t get any worse (except for “New” Coke, which was an entirely different thing).

On an entirely different note, I wasted most of my evening today trying to get cover art for my entire iTunes library. I love iTunes and I’ve never really had any problems with it, but I can’t understand why it can’t find album art for music that is sold (with art) from its own music store. I changed all the tags to perfectly match the labels in iTunes. Anyway, with the except of five or six files (sermons and other miscellaneous files), I now have art for everything in my library. I’m going to bed.

Author: erik

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