pass the salt

I came across this article from an RSS feed today. The headline is “Oversalted Burger Leads to Charges.” Apparently, the worker at McDonald’s spilled some salt of some burger meat and decided to just shake off the excess. She even had one during her break.

However, she ended up serving one to an officer who, apparently got sick from eating it. He slapped her with a misdemeanor and put in jail overnight with $1000 bail.

Um, I’m not sure but I think maybe this officer overreacted a bit? Sure, it’s nasty but why didn’t he go back and return it after the first bite? The other day I was eating Taco Bell and found some sort of cardboard brace/frame/thing that I think they use to hold the shell open or as a spacer between shells. I just pulled it out, brought it back a got a new one. I didn’t run to the police and have the taco sent to the crime labs for investigation.

Apparently not much happens in Union City, Georgia.

Author: erik

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