strong willed (forget yesterday)

Yesterday I wrote a nice blog about my nice son and my nice life.

You can throw that all out the window. Our stubborn, strong willed child decided to come back and visit Bethany and I tonight.

It all started after he used the bathroom. I noticed that he had “forgotten” to wash his hands. “Hey, buddy, you need to go wash your hands,” I said.

“No,” was the response.

But it wasn’t just a “no”, it was a “No, I’m not going to and I don’t care what you say about it. In fact I’m only saying no because you told me I needed to.”

And this is when he was being nice.

Twenty minutes later, several punishments ranging from timeout to grounding from his toys and Parker finally had his hands washed and his toys picked up.

There are days when I think I know everything about my son and then there are days like today. Days where I wish I could just make my son understand that I really do have his best interests in mind.

Hmmm, maybe this is how God feels when we refuse to obey him and continue to rebel against His Word and His ways? We think we know best, we’re “tired and cranky”, or we just don’t want to deal with our messes.

If that’s true, then thank goodness he’s got more patience than me!

Author: erik

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