the vehicle graveyards

Check out this link for a fascinating look at where vehicles go when they “die”. Make sure you check out the satellite shot of the planes, it’s amazing.

I’m struck by two things when I look at these pictures. First, I’m impressed with the ingenuity of man to produces these vehicles. Second, I’m shocked by the waste and uselessness of these machines. At one point, they had purpose and meaning but at some point, through age or performance, they lost their value and usefulness.

Isn’t this how it is with people sometimes? We start with focus and direction. We’re effective in our pursuits and then time goes by. We refuse to change and adapt to culture and we end up living in a “graveyard” with a bunch of other irrelevant, meaningless vessels.

God help me to never resign myself to a field of dead souls, but keep me alive and give me purpose.

Author: erik

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  1. I’m with you Erik, If you ever see me getting so stuck in my ways that I am rusting away like an old car, please let me know.

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