this hurts me more than it hurts you

We had a rough night with Parker tonight. Actually, it’s been a rough week. Granted, he’s was sick a few days ago, but our boy decided to develop an iron will over the past few days. Tonight was no exception.

We had planned on playing some games together, but because he didn’t listen and said “no” several times to our instructions, we sent Parker upstairs to his bedroom early telling him to think about how he acted. Bethany and I went on with our evening. We played a few games and then watched some TV. About a half hour or so into the night, we heard Parker calling down from his room: “I thought about it. I’m ready to play now!”

We had a decision to make. Do we let him come downstairs or do we follow through with our punishment?

Bethany and I both had that sinking feeling inside. We wanted to run upstairs and bring him down. But we also realized that we needed to help Parker understand the consequences of his actions. So I went upstairs and had a little talk with Parker. I explained to him that I forgave him and I understood that he was sorry, but that he couldn’t come down because how he acted earlier. Parker didn’t like this, but he listened and it seemed like he might have even understood.

As hard as it was, I’m sure we made the right decision. Even so, it’s days like these when I wish I had a manual to consult for raising kids.

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  1. I believe the exact phrase was, “I TINK about it”.

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