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I don’t like bees. That’s why today was so great. Yesterday I posted about my encounter with a stinger in the head. But today I unleashed my fury back upon the horde.

Bethany purchased some more Wasp and Hornet spray to replace the four cans I used the past couple of days. I was going to wait until tonight, when the bees are more dormant, to spray and begin to remove the drywall in front of the nest, but I got impatient. They weren’t as angry as last night, but I decided to spray down the visible part of the nest and the outside hole again to ward off any unsuspecting attackers. Since the bees got worked up at this, I decided to wait until later.

When an hour or so had passed, I returned to the garage to an odd buzzing sound. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I realized that dozens of bees were on the ground below the nest. Apparently the spray was a bit more potent than the last and had successfully spread into the nest itself.

Here’s a pic of the dead and dying bees (click to enlarge).
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So I grabbed an old winter jacket, nice and thick with a hood for protection, and my shovel and began to pry the drywall down.

At this point most or all the bees were incapacitated, so it was very uneventful. I got the drywall down in a few whacks and then pulled down the insulation. Behind that was the small volleyball sized nest, which is pictured below (click on it to see a full sized version).

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Now I’ve got to sweep up the bees carcasses, dispose of the nest and drywall, buy new insulation and repair the wall. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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  1. haha….what a brave man!!!! Did we ever tell you the story about Richie getting stung, well let’s just say a bee got back at him!

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