Tonight in our youth service I had planned on speaking about the last habit in our series which was Study of Scripture. But during our worship time I decided to take a different route. I ended up speaking from 1 Kings 19:10-13. This passage comes right on the heels of Elijah’s showdown with the prophets of Baal, the miraculous prayer for rain and his outrunning of a chariot in chapter 18.

Elijah’s at a low point, and God addresses him. He tells Elijah to go the mouth of the cave he’s hiding in because He wants to pass by him. Elijah does and there is a tremendous wind that rips rocks off the mountain, there’s an earthquake and then there’s a fire.

God is in any of it.

But then there is a gentle whisper which causes Elijah to cover his face and go out of the cave to listen to God.

I think we too often look to the wind, earthquakes and waves and in the process, we totally miss the gentle whisper. We talked about how our relationship with God isn’t just about knowing God in our head, but knowing Him in our heart. The head tells us to look for results, to understand and comprehend. But I think we are equally called to spend time in the silence and listen for His voice. To slow down and allow Him to work on us and to change us. They key is, we have to be attentive and listen to that voice.

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