a love/hate relationship

In John 8:31, it says, “Jesus said to the people who believed in him…”

By verse 59, these same people are ready to stone him.

You can read the whole passage here.

This really stuck out to me in my devotions this morning. These were the people who believed in Jesus. These were the masses of people who were following him around from town to town. They were the ones who were with him all the way. However, by the end of it, their perspective has changed. Things didn’t turn sour immediately, but the more Jesus explained himself, the more angry the crowds got. I’m sure Jesus knew that his words weren’t popular and probably would turn some people off. But he speaks the truth anyway. He doesn’t back down. He doesn’t apologize for it.

This challenges me to speak Truth, even when it might turn someone off — even if it does turn someone off. Now, I’m not going to go around looking for people to upset, but as a follower of Jesus, I have a responsibility to proclaim his message. My job isn’t to pick out whatever I think might offend someone, but to speak the message in its entirety.

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