drive-through = stay in car

“Woman runs over own legs” reports the Pheonixville news. Apparently, some lady was ordering at the drive-through of a McDonalds when she exited her vehicle and managed to run over herself.

From the article,”One witness said that it looked like the woman had placed an order, and her vehicle was slowly moving forward. The witness said that the next thing they knew, the woman had somehow fallen out of the Blazer and landed partially in the lane, and her legs went underneath her vehicle.”

What? How does this happen? Was she trying to pick up change that had fallen between the window and the lane or was she just excited about her Big Mac?

The dangers of McDonalds are increasing every day. If you aren’t horribly burned by their coffee or become obese and develop liver problems, you might be maimed by your vehicle in the drive-through.

Author: erik

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