killer petting zoo

Bethany and I took the boys to a pumpkin farm today. It was fun, but way overpriced. Anyway, one of the several attractions was a petting zoo, complete with food you could buy for the animals. Bethany thought this was a great idea, but I objected. I remembered a story from a few years ago where kids had gotten severely sick from this sort of thing.

Bethany thought I was crazy. Later in the day, she told Lonna, who also thought I was insane.

Insane? My mind is a steel trap.

This is the article I remembered. Essentially it says that five kids experienced kidney failure after visiting a petting zoo.

“Petting zoo” is a nice way of saying “disease plagued playground of death”.

Oh, and Lonna and Bethany? I told you so.

Author: erik

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  1. its a cute picture. you are insane. whether you were right about the peting zoo or not.
    i mean come on you work with TEENAGERS!! majority of your youth are GIRLS!! so how could you NOT be insane?? please tell me!! =]

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  2. Ummm…favorite line:

    “Disease plagued playground of death.”


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  3. The children might have been exposed to the bacteria through the animals’ feces, officials said.

    I rest my case… this came out of your articale… i should be a doctor. lol
    Don’t pick up sheep poo… or goat poo… simple!
    and you aren’t insane… just a little germaphobic… oh by the way this is lonna on heather’s account…

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