limewire with your fine?

I know a lot of our students use Limewire to download mp3s of their favorite songs (according to them, their parents do this, too). Limewire is just one of the popular file sharing programs the internet has to offer. Some popular one’s from years past are Napster (which is now a legit business) and Kazaa.

That last program, Kazaa, was the very program that Jamie Thompson used to share just 24 songs of her music library. Well, the RIAA took her to court for copyright infringement and they won. This is the first case of its kind and with this ruling, will definitely not be the last.

The jury found Thompson liable for $9,250 per song. The total damages equals $222,000.


So next time, think twice about illegally downloading music because it’s “too expensive”. These damages can go as high as $150,000 per song.

With a judgment like this (and setting a precedent for similar cases), the RIAA is just getting started.

Author: erik

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