who do i love

I make sure everyday to tell my boys that I love them. A while back, I began to ask Parker, “Who does daddy love?” Sometimes I’d tell him that I forgot and I needed his help. Other times I’d just ask the question.

After a while, Parker began to respond to this differently (usually based on mood). Sometimes he’d answer, “Mommy”, “Kent” or even “nobody”. After some laughing and insisting on my part, he would give in a say “Parker!”

A few days ago we went through this process and after he answered, he said “Daddy I need your help.”

I figured he needed help with a toy or something so I asked him what he needed.

“Who does Parker love?” he asked.

When I said I didn’t know he said, “Yes you do! He wears glasses, and goes to work…”

“Daddy?” I said.

“Yeah! I love you too, daddy!”

Author: erik

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