why am i doing this?

So, apparently I’m supposed to write seven things about myself because Samantha “tagged” me the other day on her blog. Does this sound like something back from the days of the playground when your friend would arbitrarily make you play as the bad guy, just because he wanted to be the good guy? Or “1, 2, 3, not it!”, suddenly meant that you were safe from being it? What is it about screaming something out that makes us think that everyone must follow suit?

Anyway, here I go:

1. I played the trumpet (actually, the coronet) in Jr. High.

2. I bungee jumped off of a gondola in Switzerland from a height of 594 feet up.

3. My first car was a minivan.

4. I won’t eat cold pizza…ever

5. I’ve only been in one accident (when I was driving).

6. I have a straw that Christian musician, Carmen, used at a restaurant

7. The best meal of my life was in Florence, Italy

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  1. Because that is what people do and you are a kind human being. Get over it. Plus, I wanted to know seven more things about you that I didn’t already know.

    Like, how angry you get when you teach people a new card game and they mercilessly beat you. Or how you have a cute wife!

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