chew first, then swallow

Today we had a scary moment at Portillo’s. We had just gotten our food when Parker began to tear into his hot dog. He must have been hungry because he tried to swallow a large chunk of hot dog at once.

In case you didn’t know, hot dogs and throats don’t mix.

Parker began to choke on the food and it was clear that he couldn’t breathe. Bethany noticed first and began to yell to get someone’s attention. I jumped up quickly and began to give the Heimlich maneuver (or, as the Red Cross now calls it, “abdominal thrusts”). I’m not sure if I actually did anything to help because as soon as I began the maneuver he coughed up the food and began to breathe again.

It’s strange because everything happened so fast. I’m just glad that I reacted as quickly as I did. I sometimes wonder how I’d react in difficult or emergency situations like this. It’s a good feeling to know that I didn’t even have to think about it. I just jumped up and did something. I only hope that I’d do that in any situation and not just with my son.

Anyway, we held Parker tight (who was visibly shaken by the experience) and after a few minutes he was back to eating the rest of his lunch.

Author: erik

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