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My grandma was one of those people who watched Jeopardy. Every day. She was incredibly intelligent and very cultured. Before she passed away several years ago, she once told me something about toasting. According to her, when someone gives a toast, you should raise your glass up and out, but never actually touch glasses with other people. Otherwise, she said, you could damage the glass.

I was at a wedding today and I mentioned this as everyone around me was clinking away after the toasts. I thought I’d look it up to see where that came from. The web has a lot of information about writing a toast and how touching glasses is a part of this process. These all came from random sites with varying degrees of convincing authority. I did come across one site, however, that offers real etiquette classes and training (not just generic wedding advice).

According to their website, “Raise your glass in a toast but do not touch glasses; it may chip the glassware.”

I suppose in the end, it doesn’t matter because our society has come to accept the fact that one should clink the glass and their going to do it anyway. But until I find something conclusive from another professional etiquette trainer, I’ll be keeping my glass and my sparkling grape juice to myself.

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  1. only you would write a blog on toasting and glasses chipping because you toasted with them

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