Tonight Bethany and I went with some friends to the Phil Wickham and David Crowder Band concert tonight at the House of Blues. After cutting some people in line and Bethany getting verbally assaulted for it, we finally made into the concert about a half hour late. This wasn’t too bad because we weren’t really there for the first act.

This was my first time at House of Blues and I’ve got to say that I’m not too impressed. It grew on me, but the problem was that it’s a standing room only venue and it was absolutely packed. Packed to the point that it was nearly impossible to stand still and not be brushed up against by someone else.

Anyway, Phil Wickham had an amazing set. The guy can sing. He didn’t have a band–just him and his guitar. I hope this concert tour increases interest in his music because, in my opinion, he’s one of the best Christian artists out there. After he was done, Aldo, Jason and I ran to the back so we could meet him and take the above picture.

I can’t leave DCB out of this. Their set was great as usual. They played several songs off their new album and a good number from older albums. They have a great balance of entertainment and worship in their shows. From the “keytar” to the megaphones, to the Guitar-Hero-controller-turned-into-a-guitar, their creativity and musicianship are clearly evident. Every time I’ve left a David Crowder Band concert, I’m left with more than just a night of entertainment, but a challenge to engage God in a more meaningful way. Tonight it was a challenge to be the remedy for the world, just as Christ has been our remedy.

All in all, it was a great night. Do yourself a favor and pick up Remedy by David Crowder Band and Canons by Phil Wickham.

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