"discount" tire

For some strange reason, the office was closed for Veteran’s Day today (not that I’m complaining). I got to drive Parker to school, have lunch with a friend and get new tires for our van.

Can someone explain to me why tires are so expensive? Are they that hard to make? Or does rubber really cost that much? I feel like I dropped a small fortune for the budget priced tires. Actually, we got a good deal, but it’s still a huge chunk of money.

I took Parker with me and he wanted to bring his Toy Story Yatzee game. I didn’t protest because I knew it would keep us busy and help pass the time. I forgot, however, how loud the dice are when they are banging around the plastic cup you shake them in. Even though there was music playing, I felt like the banging just echoed throughout the waiting room as everyone else sat in silence.

Parker was fascinated by the lift that raised the van up and he thought it was funny that “our car have no wheels”. Then, when the service guy was pulling the van out for us, Parker got a worried look on his face and said, “Why that man driving our car away? Why he take it?”

Needless to say, he was relieved when the man turned the keys over to me. We went home, played some more games until Parker went into his room to play by himself. About an hour later Bethany found his room cluttered with toys and Parker, still fully dressed passed out in bed. Oh, to be a kid again.

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