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Due to a crazy weekend, I haven’t had a chance to really spend any quality time with the boys. Thursday it was the Remedy Tour, Friday was Laser Tag, Saturday was a wedding, Sunday was services in the morning and evening, and Monday I went to see The God’s Aren’t Angry tour. It’s been rough not spending time with the boys. (Before you comment Bethany, I did see you at the concert and at the wedding!)

So tonight when I got home, the boys literally jumped all over me. Parker was standing on my feet “walking” with me and Kent was in my arms. It was a great feeling: knowing that I had been missed. Throughout the rest of the night they continued to seek out my attention. As tired as I was from the last several days, I couldn’t help but appreciate their desire to spend time with me.

Not to totally over spiritualize this, but this really causes me to think about the time I spend with my heavenly Father. I wonder if I don’t begin to take Him for granted sometimes. In a strange way, I wonder how I can show my appreciation for Him and make a meaningful effort to spend time with Him instead of approaching Him in the same old way day after day.

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  1. I love when you and the boys miss each other…then I can go to Target for a few hours while you enjoy your reunion.

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