Just over a month ago, Bethany and I decided to join Netflix. I have a couple of friends who have accounts and had a positive experience with it. Basically, you pay a monthly fee to receive movies in the mail. Your rate is determined by how many movies a month you want. We signed up for the cheapest which is two movies a month for $4.99.

This has been a great decision. I love this company.

You create an account at their website and put the movies you want in your queue. Netflix then sends the video at the top. It’s overnight shipping, so you receive it the next day. There’s no late fee, so you can watch it at your leisure, and then you can return it in the envelop they provide (postage included). It can’t get much easier. So far it’s been great.

I bring this up because Netflix is apparently cutting deep into Blockbuster’s share of the video market. As CNET News reports, Blockbuster is “is finally spiraling out of control.” Ouch. They’ve closed 526 stores in the past year and experience a net loss of $35 million.

I can’t say that I feel too bad. In college, I went to my local Blockbuster on a weekly basis and I really liked the company. Not any more. They’ve significantly raised their prices, rarely have the movies I want in stock, they are always trying to sell me something at the counter, and don’t even get me started with the whole “No late fees” baloney (selling a used movie for almost double the price of a new one? Give me a break.).

I suppose this is just another example of an organization/business that refuses to change and adapt with culture, technology and be relevant to the needs of its customers.

Hmmmm, I suppose there’s some lesson here for the Church, but I’m not sure….

Author: erik

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