quite the hairball

I saw this article last week and I figured since yesterday’s post was a bit gross, I might as well just write about this one today and get it out of the way.

See the picture on the left? Yeah, that’s a clump of hair weighing 10 pounds that was removed from a woman’s stomach. She was having problems with swelling in her abdomen and vomiting after eating and weight loss.

Ya think?

Apparently she had a “condition” (as described by the article) call trichophagia which has to do with eating your hair.


The surgery was performed at Rush University Medical Center here in Chicago (what if this lady is one of my neighbors!?). Once the hairball was removed, her appetite came back, the pain and swelling went away, and she regained the weight she had lost.

Oh, and she also stopped eating her hair.

Author: erik

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  1. is this from the Enquirer, or like one of those wierd magazines that is never true?

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  2. nope, if you check the link, the article is on cnn.com. this is a totally legit story.

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