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I was scanning the top commented stories on Fark, when I noticed the following headline: “Fleeing Robbery Suspect Eaten by Alligator”.

Though you’d think the title says it all, it gets better. First of all, the story is reported by “Local 6” which is some Florida channel. You can hear the twang in the interviewees, which include the local police, the owner of “All American Gator” and someone identified as “a trapper”.

A trapper? What? Is this some sort of modern day Jeremiah Johnson?

Anyway, the robbery suspect and an accomplice were breaking into cars when they were apprehended by police. One was taken into to custody and the other unidentified man escaped by jumping into a pond.

That’s when the 9 foot gator bit the man in the head several times. His body was found at the bottom of the pond about a day later. The animal was caught and according to Florida law, the gator will “be destroyed.”

A pond in Florida. Isn’t that like running across the Dan Ryan during rush hour? What part of this seems like a good idea?

Author: erik

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