I think Christmas caroling is going the way of the dinosaur.

Instead of our regular Christmas party, we decided to take our students across the street from the church to do some Christmas caroling. We left around 7pm and got back about 8pm.

Our group had a hard time finding people to sing to. We even went to the decorated houses so that we would avoid the “scrooges”. At one house we could see the couple sitting at their dinner table in front of their large window. They weren’t eating, but they didn’t even budge when we rang the doorbell and knocked. It was very weird.

This happened other times. We’d see movement in a window so we’d ring the doorbell. Nothing. They didn’t even acknowledge us. I can understand if you’re in the middle of something, but to just ignore your doorbell seems very odd to me. Were they scared of a dozen Jr. High students (this is possible since my group was running around like they’d just had a dozen Red Bull)? Do they dislike caroling? Was their TV show that interesting? I was a bit disappointed with the lack of response.

Anyway, the night wasn’t a total bust, but I’ll be rethinking the caroling thing for next year.

Author: erik

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