kids with knives

According to this article, a 10-year-old girl was arrested at school last Thursday because she brought a lethal weapon, a knife, to school.

The girl admitted to police that she had brought the blade to school in the past.

Thanks to quick acting and highly intelligent officials, the girls was reported when she was seen using the weapon during lunch.

She was cutting her food.

Is this not the most insane thing ever? Why on earth would a school official have one of their students arrested for something as foolish as this? There were no threats and it seems obvious that it was only being used for food. I understand zero tolerance policies, but wouldn’t it be more effective to confiscate the knife and contact the parents (and possibly a school-based punishment, though even that seems excessive in this case)?

I can only assume that these officials are somehow completely ignorant of their ignorance.

Author: erik

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