Several years ago, Bethany and I were given a Scrabble game (a wedding gift maybe?). We’ll get it out every once in a while when we get some time (or when the writers are on strike and there’s nothing on TV). Tonight we decided to play after the boys went to bed.

Bethany and I are both very competitive.

That’s why we keep our old score sheets in the box: so we can gloat whenever we play. Or was that so I can gloat?

Here’s the rundown of our games (the fifth game is tonight’s score):

  • Game 1
    • 254 (Erik)
    • 179 (Bethany)
  • Game 2
    • 267 (Erik)
    • 178 (Bethany)
  • Game 3
    • 274 (Erik)
    • 217 (Bethany)
  • Game 4
    • 255 (Erik)
    • 199 (Bethany)
  • Game 5
    • 286 (Erik)
    • 238 (Bethany)

Fact: Bethany beat her highest score so far on tonight’s game.

Fact: Bethany’s highest score is still lower than my lowest score.

Fact: I’m a Scrabble machine.

Author: erik

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  1. okay challenge Rosie to scrabble…seriously, she would love it, but she is so serious about that game! I think it was her who gave it to you guys…

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  2. you may be able to spell better than me (how manly), but I can still throw better than you!!!

    PS…I believe the correct term you are looking for is “Scrabble Nerd” not “machine.” Besides, I was half watching Christmas Vacation!

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  3. Ummm…wow. Your wife can throw better than you?

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