something(s) christians and atheists agree on?

Today I came across an article titled “10 Things Christians and Atheists Can (And Must) Agree On”. For some strange reason, the article only lists 5, and it seems to be cut off at the end, but these 5 seem pretty reasonable to me. They are:

  1. You can do terrible things in the name of either one.
  2. Both sides really do believe what they’re saying.
  3. In everyday life, you’re not that different.
  4. There are good people on both sides.
  5. You point of view is legitimately offensive to them.

The author goes into greater detail and explanation of what he means by them in the article. He does a good job of being balanced, but I don’t necessary agree with all of his supporting arguments. With that said, though, I do like the main idea and I agree with these 5 very general statements.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been reading more articles online recently, but I’ve noticed a lot of Christian vs. Atheism debate. I’ve found that the most vocal (on both sides) tend to be the most extreme and usually the most misguided in their approach. Many of the Christians who comment seem to be unfamiliar with why they believe what they believe and more interested in putting “heathen” in their place or at least condemning them. It’s ridiculous, really.

Now, just a brief word to anyone who might be offended that I agree with these statements. We need to remember that it’s important for us know what our common ground is with atheists (or Buddhists or Muslims or any other faith, for that matter). This doesn’t mean we compromise our beliefs, but it does demand that we consider our audience and we relate to them in a civilized and effective manor. It doesn’t mean that we stop believing that people are going to hell, but it does mean that we should use some tact (and love) when we communicate those beliefs.

Anyway, the article is an interesting read though I should warn you that it contains some language that may offend one of my two readers.

Author: erik

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  1. I love the barb at the end of your post about yourself, “one of your two readers.”

    Trust me, you have more than that. Perhaps they just don’t comment?!

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  2. So, if I comment twice…does that give me at least a 51% majority vote? hehe.
    Seriously though: I agree with you, I think that the 5 general points are inciteful. I think that the influx of Christian/Atheist debate may stem from the relaease of the Golden Compass movie (hardcore atheist author). I find it curious that some Christians are so vehement when talking about and debating their beliefs. I wonder if people on either side have ever been to a debate event (one where people state their point while the other side LISTENS, and then vice versa)? We have two ears and one mouth that should be used in proportion. I have always taken the stance that the best way to make a point is by example…walking the walk instead of just talking the talk(not saying that I am always succesful). I sometimes wonder if the majority of Christians actually understand that the atheist/agnostic/non-Christians are the people that we should be telling about Christ. In a persuasive way, not in a way that will drive a bigger wedge between. In the Bible it states that “Every knee shall bow.” Not some. Not a few. Every. One of our JOBS as Christians is to bring people to Christ, not drive them away.

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  3. Yay PErik… you now have 3 readers!!! šŸ™‚
    This debate is a very emotional one… I agree with the 5 points.. Isn’t it so tough to remain humble when you’re so passionate about something? What a thin line we walk. Because If we don’t we definately risk pushing good people away from God!
    It’s all about balance… and you’re right it’s very important to understand where people are coming from.

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