the RIAA wants to control your life

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is the organization that will hunt you down and sue the pants off of you if you ever even think about illegally downloading a song. These people are extreme and take their job too seriously and overstep logic on a regular basis.

For instance, several months ago they petitioned congress to force universities to police students in their schools for sharing copyrighted music. Schools that didn’t comply would face the possibility of losing of all their federal funding.

Just before that, they won a case against a single mother, Jammie Thomas, who was ordered to pay $222,000 for sharing just 24 songs. That’s $9,250 per song (it was never shown that any even downloaded these songs).


Anyway, their back at it today. Ars Technica is reporting today that according to the RIAA, ripping your CDs onto your hard drive is unauthorized use. From the article:

When asked by the RIAA’s lead counsel whether it was wrong for consumers to make copies of CDs they have purchased, Jennifer Pariser replied in the negative. “When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song,” said Pariser. Making “a copy” of a song you own is just “a nice way of saying ‘steals just one copy’,” according to Pariser.

What? Making a copy of something I’ve legitimately purchased is stealing? Give me a break. How power hungry do you have to be to try to dictate what I do with what I own? I don’t support piracy, but it just seems to me that the RIAA needs to wake up and stop trying to bully the people who support them.


Author: erik

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  1. One would think that if they would let go of the $, they would agree to a reasonably priced online download site. I think that if the RIAA were to set the price to say $.30 per song, it would significantly reduce the illegal downloads and the would still make their money.

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  2. DePaul has this thing with illegal downloading. They told us about it at orientation; this one kid downloaded something like 1000 songs illegally, and he was fined by RCA. They warned us that we could get jail time, fines, expulsion, or have our laptops taken away.
    Good thing I live off campus. Haha.

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