you’re a thief

Yes, the RIAA is at it again. I’ve posted about this before, but the RIAA recently filed charges against a man from Arizona that includes copying legally purchased CDs to his computer.

The article isn’t clear, but it seems like these charges are in addition to ones brought against him for sharing music online (i.e. – using P2P software like Limewire). So I supposed they just want to “stick it to him” with the extra charges. The problem is, if for some insane reason this gets the courts support, then precedent is set and we are all made into thieves for using the music we LEGALLY bought.

Suppose I buy a bag of ice from the store and bring it home. But instead of using it to keep something cold, I let it thaw out and pour it into a pitcher to drink from. Don’t I have the right to do that? I’ve changed the product and have used in it a way that suited my needs.

Why should this be different for a CD? I understand the problems with sharing it to the masses via P2P, but help me understand why I can’t make the product more useful to me? Am I expected to by 5 different copies of the same music to use on all my different devices?


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